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Edgebrook Dental Associates | Why A Hygienist?! in Chicago

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Why A Hygienist?!

 Have you ever wondered: “Why does a dental hygienist clean my teeth and not a dentist?!”

At  Edgebrook Dental Associates you will have Dental Hygienists cleaning your teeth, and we have a good reason for that!


1-Cleaning is the dental hygienist's area of expertise. They go to school for this; they have been trained for this. A hygienist doing your cleaning allows your dentist to concentrate on his areas of expertise. This arrangement makes for a better, more specialty-focused environment. Furthermore, having two exams, one by a hygienist and one by a dentist, will always result in a much more detailed in-depth evaluation of a patient condition.


 2-Dental hygienists are licensed dental professionals who have specialized education and training in preventing and treating oral diseases. They spend over 700 clock hours learning clinical skills that only relates to cleaning teeth, which far exceeds what a dental student gets, as dental students tend to have their training time “diluted” over all dental specialties. Many dentists delegate this duty to a dental hygienist because of their expertise in this area. It also allows them to concentrate on other procedures such as fillings, crowns, or implants. Another reason your doctor schedules you with a dental hygienist for your teeth cleaning is because dental hygienists do more than clean teeth. They also provide counsel on how you can best achieve and maintain good oral health for a lifetime. They educate in addition to clean their patients teeth. Re-emphasizing home care to the patient every visit is the only way to keep the patient motivated enough in the timeline between her/his dental visits.


3-TIME! Research indicates that most dentists that do their own cleaning always run short on time. They always want to go to the more “Dental” procedures; so, they cut down the cleaning time in half or even less! Which severely undermines the quality of that cleaning. Actually, several research papers in more than one US dental school indicated that cleaning done by a hygienist is far more superior to that done by a dentist! As most “dentist-cleanings” don`t exceed 15-20 minutes in most cases.


At Edgebrook Dental Associates, every adult patient gets about 50-60 concentrated minutes of the hygienist time. For children, they usually get between 30-40 minutes. EVERY patients that comes in gets a Comprehensive periodontal (gum) evaluation that includes complete probing depth, with each tooth getting a set of (6) numbers that would evaluate its current condition and future prognosis. After that, an individual treatment plan is designed to specifically meet the needs of each patient.

Our “motto” is always “quality over quantity”.