Crowns/Bridges in A Day!


The 5-axis Planmeca PlanMill® 50 S unit is a powerful choice for wet and dry milling discs and blocks. Equipped with a high-speed spindle and automatic milling tool changer for 12 tools. It is considered the top tier Dental Mill made by the Helsinki (Finland) based company.

Versatile dental milling

Planmeca PlanMill 50 S can be used to mill discs or blocks. The unit is capable of both wet and dry milling of indications – such as various dental restorations, bite splints and dental models.

We also use state of the art intra-oral scanners to capture digital impressions (no more bulky impression materials to gag on!). Those impressions are transferred into our-in the house- Planmeca PlanMill 50 S unit that mills your crowns & Bridges to the accuracy of less than 5 Microns within minutes while you are seated in your chair. There is NO more ill-fitting temporary crowns and bridges that you have to wear for weeks! We make you most of your dental restorations within 2-3 hours.

Click the link below to see Planmeca scanners in action:


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