FREE Nitrous Oxide

As a courtesy, at Edgebrook Dental Associates we offer our patients free Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) with any of their dental visits. You also get state-of-the-art dental care using the latest technology, delivered in a warm and inviting environment.If you are one of those people who avoids necessary preventive dental care or restorative dental procedures because of anxiety or fear of going to the dentist, Nitrous oxide might just be the answer you were waiting for! At Edgebrook Dental Associates, we don’t want you to risk the health of your teeth because you worry about pain or discomfort. We want you to be comfortable coming to us for any dental need or concern. All of our patients who that take advantage of this courtesy look forword towards their next dental visit, you will no longer have any dental related anxiety. With children, nitrous oxide will allow them to leave the office with a wide smile at their face at the end of their appointment! This will help them retain a great dentist-patient relationship for the rest of their lives as they will never again suffer any “bad experiences” at their early dental visits.

Nitrous Oxide is a sweet-smelling, non-irritating, colorless gas which you can breathe. It has been the primary mean of sedation in dentistry for many years. Nitrous oxide is safe, the patient receives 50-70% oxygen with no less than 30% nitrous oxide. The patient is able to breathe on their own and remain in control of all bodily functions. A few patients may experience mild amnesia and may fall asleep, not remembering all of what happened during their appointment.

  • There is no after effect or "hangover".
  • It works rapidly (within 20-30 seconds). In as little as 2-3 minutes its relaxation and pain killing properties develop. Patients often describe the sensation as if they have had a glass of wine. It takes the edge off the appointment.

Contraindication to Nitrous Oxide use are related to breathing problems and include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Though there are no other major contraindications to using nitrous oxide, you may not want to use it if you have emphysema, exotic chest problems, M.S., a cold or other difficulties with breathing that might block your nasal passages.
If interested, please ask us for a trial use of nitrous, it is completely free, and it might be the answer you have been looking for!

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